Disney Builds Revenge Resort (what if?)

Revenge is a new hit show on ABC that is sweeping the nation. An intriguing plot of a girl who seeks revenge on those who helped frame her father for the terrorist attack of flight 197 many years ago. Amanda Clark’s father left behind a box of journals that prove his innocence to his darling little girl. He tells her to forgive-but Amanda is determined to see justice be served. She sets on her journey of revenge-to bring down those who had an innocent man locked away. With money left from her father and her alias Emily Thorne she has all the ammunition necessary for retribution.

ABC is currently owned by the Walt Disney Company. The new resort is based on the show Revenge. Double Infinity Resort is coming in the next few years.

What better park to be near than Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

You can choose which life of the Hampton’s you would like to live on your stay at Walt Disney World in Florida. Whether it be living the high life in Grayson Manor or for a more laid back stay in the Beach House, you will be sure to be pleased with your stay.


There are many rooms to choose from, but the presidential suite includes the round balcony from Victoria Grayson’s bedroom that has a beautiful view.


Sit on the porch swing and feel the morning breeze at Emily Thorne’s beach house while enjoying the beautiful view.


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