New Growth – Interning for the Market (part 2)

In the month of July, as a representative of the market I had the honor of attending community events such the Chamber of Commerce meetings. At these meetings, I had the opportunity to network with local businesses and community members. Connecting with local community business leaders was a great experience. At these meetings, we were given updates as to what is going on within the city which was very helpful to know from my standpoint.

Interning at the Springfield Farmers Market this summer has been an amazing learning experience. On top of the social media marketing I did on Facebook, I was also responsible for event planning. This job consisted of creating flyers, distribution of flyers, writing donation letters, and searching out vendors to book their businesses in our events and so much more.

Onto the Fun:

One of my favorite events that I organized was located at Binder Park Zoo. For the first time, the market became involved in the Kids Funfari event at Binder Park Zoo which included a ‘lemur lap’ race. After the run, the kids walked through the zoo with their parents.  We had an information booth where parents could become educated on all that we offer at the market. I wanted our farmers market booth to not only provide good information to the parents but also give the kids something fun to do.

Kids FunFari Event

Kids FunFari Event

I set up an arts and craft station where the kids created their very own lemur tails. It was a hit! We had kids coming from every direction excited to make lemur tails. My intention was while the kids were busy making their tails at the craft station I would direct the parents over to the Springfield Farmers Market information booth which ended up being a success.

Events from July:


Story Tyme Event Flyer

Hotdog Eating Contest Flyer

Hotdog Eating Contest Flyer


Photo Contest Flyer

What’s to Come:

Something that I am proud of is that this summer, the Springfield Farmers Market was named one of the top three of Michigan’s best farmers markets by WWMT Channel 3 News. This was so exciting to see all of our hard work paying off so quickly. I look forward to seeing the market flourish and continue bringing the community together. Although this is the end of my internship, I have been asked to help out whenever I can. I will be representing the market at the 11th Annual Car show as well as multiple bridal shows coming up this Fall.

The Springfield Farmers Market is not your average farmers market. Our facility has storefronts where businesses can rent. We also allow our facility and kitchen to be rented all year-long for events such as weddings, birthday parties, reunions, and much more. Therefore, not only was I advertising the farmers market, but I was also promoting the businesses that run their shops out of the market facility. You can learn more about the Springfield Farmers Market if you click here.


New Growth – Interning at the Farmers Market (part 1)


Sign Outside The Springfield Farmers Market

When I started for the Springfield Farmers Market in June the first project I took on was finding a new logo for the market. We were looking for something more symmetrical that would be better for use on t-shirts and other promotional items. After my success with Jordan Kelly Designs through bumbleberries, I decided to work through him again. He came up with this design. We loved how it incorporated the character of our building as well as the new growth theme with the sprout growing out of the ‘G.’

SFMKT new logo

New Logo by Jordan Kelly Designs

Decision Making

I was looking forward to dedicating my time toward social media marketing, but my internship took a slightly different path. Although I still did some social media work, I did not get to work with Twitter as much as I had hoped. My time was spent promoting the market on Facebook and other forms of advertising.  I found that I had to dedicate my time to just one social media website. The target audience for the Springfield Farmers Market is middle-aged adults and I found that most of our audience had not made its way to the twittersphere yet.  I had to stop investing time on the Twitter page and put my efforts into only the Facebook page. My internship consisted of mainly marketing and event planning.

Mom 2 Mom Sale

Mom 2 Mom Sale Event Flyer

Event Planning

My first event to plan was the Mom 2 Mom sale. I only had a couple weeks to make this event a success. I knew I wanted to have a drawing to attract customers to come to this event so I began working with the Detroit Lions events department. Bon Jovi was coming to Ford Field and with Bon Jovi being a popular singer from the 80s,  I knew he would be the perfect fit for our target audience. After many phone calls and emails, we ended up receiving four tickets to give away at our event. Now, I had to think of a way to benefit the market vendors with this great give away.

Event flyer for Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Event Flyer

I came up with a punch card system where customers had to spend at least $10 at the market that day to enter the drawing. If the customer spent $20 or more, they had the opportunity to enter their name twice. This worked out great for the sale event. Customers would realize they were only a couple dollars away from entering twice and would go back and spend the extra to enter. It was a win-win for both the market vendors and a boost to our revenue.

Home-based business vendor event flyer2

Home-Based Business Vendor Event Flyer

The next planned event was our Home-Based Business Vendor event. This was an event to help promote the market by giving locally owned businesses a place to network themselves. We had this event on a Saturday, which is the same day as our normal farmers market and it was the most packed we have ever seen the market!

This first month was incredible and I learned so much. This next month has a lot more to come!

To be continued…